Oct 29, 2013

Sunday 15th September

On Sunday I got up at 12 am and had anice breakfast-lunch.  We ate bread with butter and salami or cheese and we drank orange juice. After that, we got dress and went to visit  the village of my German partner’s mother because it was the birthday of my her grandmother. When we arrived at the grandmother´s house I met all hes family. They were all very friendly.

First we ate a piece of cake and then we went to play with her cousins. We played a popular card game for the family, that was a very fun game, when we finished we went to the  park to see her cousins skating. When it was dark we went back to the house for dinner and over the meal we talked about the type of music that we like to listen to, our hobbies…

At 10:30pm we said goodbye to her grandmother and relatives and we returned home. When we arrived at home they showed me the photos of theirholiday and after that we went to bed


Ana Garrido 3ºB

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