Oct 3, 2012

14th September 2012. Trip from Calahorra to Kirchheim

On the early morning of the Friday the 14th of September, we left from the high school heading to the Bilbao airport. On the bus our excitement could easily be felt, particularly because  it was the first time some of us were going abroad. During the trip, we were telling each other the plans our german partners had arranged for us for the next weekend.
Around 10 o´clock, we arrived at Bilbao airport, we took our luggage and headed to the boarding area where we gave in the tickets and weighed our suitcases. As we were waiting for the plane to take off, we had a mid-morning snack. Then we went through the control area, where our mate Marta Diaz  was frisked. Finally, we headed to the door area where we went through the tunnel that would lead us to our Germanwings plane.
For most of us it was the first time we were flying and we felt really nervous about it. Nevertheless, it was not that bad at the end. Once on the plane, we sat in our respective seats and listened to the steward´s advices,  especially to Mr. Krog´s. The plane took off and after it became steady we began to move and swap seats. We also got a small snack and a drink during the flight.Before we could realize it, we were landing in Stuttgart. Once onthe ground,  we got our luggage and left the airport . Marlies, one of the german teachers, was waiting for us with a bus. The bus took us to the Schlossgymnasium where we were going to meet our German partners. There, we also had the opportunity to try some german delicatessen made by the German students´ parents.
When we finished, everyone left to their partner where they would be lodged during 10 days.
                                                                                      Manuel Toledo & Álvaro Herce 

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