Oct 8, 2012

Teachers experience in Germany

As teachers we have really enjoyed the experience of taking our students abroad to be involved and learn about a different culture. Germany is a great country, with a lot of nice places to visit and a lot of interesting things to learn. During our 10 days stage students have had the opportunity to be living and spending time with a real German family, attending lessons at a German highschool, riding their bikes through the city as germans do, learning about cultural differences and trying to do as german do- speaking with a lower tone, having big breakfasts and small lunches, getting up very early in the morning, watching films in english, playing at bowls, etc. 
For the teachers, it has also meant morethan only taking students abroad. The exchange has  been a nice opportunity to share our time with German teachers, to have quite intense meetings to organize the future project and activities, to learn a lot about the German Educational System and some of the methodologies they use there to teach languages, and latter but not least to strenghen ties between both schools.
As our students have already said, this has been an experience we will never foget!
                                                                                                               The teachers

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