Oct 30, 2013

Monday 23rd September

The last of the 10 days we stayed in Germany we woke up at 6:00 am.

First I finished my suitcase and then I went downstairs to have breackfast. Finally,  I  got ready to go to the school and to leave Germany.

When we left  the house, on the way to the school, my host mother stopped in a bakery and bought three ”bretzels” for me to bring to my family to Spain. Then, we arrived to the school parking where we met the other German and Spanish students. The time arrived and all the Spanish got on the bus that would take us to the airport.

At the airport we passed all the check points and then we had a few minutes of free time. One student from our group  lost her passport  while waiting for the plane, and some people helped her look for it. Suddenly, my passport fell down and when I was to take it I found her passport too. 

At 12 pm we got on the plane and  we had not yet begun to get speed, when Roxana said “ya siento la velocidad” and before realising it  we had taken off and the two hour-flight had begun. When we finally land on Bilbao we got on another bus that took us to Calahorra where lots of people were waiting for us.

Iván Jimenez and Jorge Velasco 3ºB 

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