Oct 29, 2013

Tuesday 17th September

Today we went to a Biological Bread Factory. There a friendly woman-the owner- explained us the different cereals and main types of bread and let us try some of their best bread products.
Then, she showed us all the factory and she explained us how they work and manufacture bread at each stage.
After the visit we went back to the factory cafe where we were offered a variety od different homemade cakes, bretzels and hot chocolate to drink. After eating we thanked the lady and we went back to the highschool where we were meeting our exchange students to eat in the canteen. Some people ate little because they were feeling full after all  they had eaten in the factory. After luch we went together with our exchange students to a classroom to work on the project. Our task was to write down a  german recipe in Spanish and in German. At  4 p.m. more or less, we returned  home and we spent the rest of the afternoon with our partners.

Jose Luis Calamarca and Iván Ezquerro 3ºB 

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