Aug 7, 2014



Monday 28th April, 2014
First we met at the car park at Schlossgymnasium Kirchheim at 7:30 in the morning. After taking the bus to the airport, we finally arrived in Bilbao in Spain and at about 3 o´clock with the bus in Calahorra. The bus journey was really nice: a landscape with lots of hills and vineyards near the highway. Normally we would have had lunch all together at their school but the teachers from Spain changed plans and she decided to have lunch the next day. So we went immediately to our host families.

Tuesday 29th May 2014
This day we learned much about history in Calahorra. First we met at the meeting point at school to go to the town hall to see the mayor. There were photographers to shoot photos of us for the newspaper. Then we visited the town with a guide. She only spoke Spanish but our teacher translated everything to us. We visited the famous „Catedral Santa María“. Last week there was „la semana santa” with nice figures of Jesus’ life. It’s a big festival every year.
Later, that day we went to school to visit it (some students went to class with their exchange students) and to have lunch.  
This day there was the soccer match between FC Bayern München and Real Madrid. We watched it together in the pub of a Spanish student’s parents. Bayern lost 0:4.

Wednesday 30th April, 2014 (German and Spanish students)
We met school as usually. After taking the bus for about half an hour we finally arrived at „Parque de Senda Viva“, an adventure park. The park is divided into four parts.
The biggest attraction is the free fall. From the top you can see a fantastic landscape. 
There’s a bobsleigh, too, which was very funny.
This day there was a bird show. It was quite cool to see all the dangerous birds like eagles so closely. Finally after a great day we were home at about 6 o’clock.

Thursday 1st May to Sunday 4th May 2014
We spent the long weekend with our families. Some people went to Barcelona, some others did trips to San Sebastián. Everybody did something different.

Monday 5th May 2014 (German and Spanish students)
After a long bus trip we went to the sea. First we had to walk a very very long time to the beach. There it was really warm even with the sun, but the water was quite cold, about 13 degrees. Some students swam in the extremely cold sea. Afterwards our teacher told us to walk 10 minutes to the bus. Finally we walked for more than one hour!!! Our teacher says we exaggerate. Then we took the bus to Santander. We walked round there (also to the harbour) and after that we took the bus to arrive home at 10 o’clock, 2 hours later than planned. But it was a fantastic day.

 Tuesday 6th May 2014 (only Germans)

This day we took the bus to a champignon and other mushrooms factory. We learned much about mushrooms, for example that mushrooms are neither plants nor animals. We took a taxi to go to a conserves factory. It’s called „Juker“. It’s only a little factory that employs about five workers. They made conserves with vegetables, meat, fish and lots of jams and marmalades. 

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