Oct 5, 2012

17th September 2012. Barbacue in Laichingen and climb in the forest

On Monday the 17th, we woke up at half past six and arrived at the school at half past seven. There, we were shown around the high school where our German partners study.

First, we had a look at the classrooms. Students in a music lesson sang a beautiful song for us. Later, we were walking aroud the hall and corridors where we found an aquarium with a lot of colourful fish in it and a pair ot terrariums which contain rodents and an iguana, respectively.

After the visit to the high school we had a tour around Kirchheim and visited the old church. From the tower of the church we could see the whole city.
In the afternoon, we went by bus to Laichingen where we had a really great barbecue with all our german partners. We had to put the sausages in  the fire and wait for it to be cooked. After having lunch we did some climbing. It consisted in walking through theforestbetween the trees through zip lines. It was really funny because each Spanish student had to climb together with his/her German partner, so they could explain them each step (Information  was only written in German!). After two and a half hours of climb, we had an ice-cream and took the bus back home. Me and Nuria went with Magalie and Alina to Magalie’s home. There, we played to the Olympics Games in the Wii, Magalie won everytime! and ate chips and drank orange juice while talking about the great time spent together.
Later on, Alina and me went home for dinner. Once at home we watched a film in English while eating pizza. I really enjoyed the film! When it endedwe were too tired due to the great day-tripand went to bed.
                                                                                       Paula Pacio & Nuria Fresno

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