Oct 6, 2012

18th September 2012. Making German bread in Beuren

Tuesday, the 18th of September, was an amazing day because we did a lot of things… we got up at half past six, get dressed, arrived at school at seven, and were involved first in an Spanish lesson, later in a German one. During the Spanish lesson we filled in five tests about Love, Parents, Food, Hobbies and Sports, while in the German lesson we learnt some basic German to communicate around. After lessons we stayed in the playground waiting for the teachers, and after they arrived we went all to the Town Hall where we had an official reception. After the Mayor speech we had a light aperitif at the town Hall.

At two o’clock we came back to the Schlossgymnasium to have lunch at the canteen. The menu, macaroni, was really delicious. In the afternoon we went to the Eco museum of Beuren where we were taught how to make real German bread.  The recipe was not too difficult to follow, but we mixed the ingredients faster than recommended and our bread didn´t look as good as it should. Anyway, the good thing was that we could take the bread home with us to share it with our families.

In the afternoon, once back to Madeleine’s home, we saw a romantic comedy film in German with English subtitles and we ate popcorn and nachos. When the movie ended we played the Uno, a cards game. In the evening we had spaghetti with tomato sauce for dinner. While eating we spotted our shirts with the tomato sauce and couldn’t avoid laughing. Finally, we went to the bed.
                                                                                         Irene Bretón & Natalia García

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