Oct 7, 2012

20th September 2012. The Black Forest

This day we had to wake up a bit earlier, because the bus left Kirchheim at twenty past seven. All the students, Spanish and German, were going to spend the day in the Black Forest.
After 2 hours of bus we arrived to the most famous Cucu clock´s factory in Germany. There, we saw a lot of hand-made cucu clocks and the owner´s factory saw us how he makes them. They were very beautiful but also very expensive. The smallest costs around 150€ and one of the biggers around 3000 €!!.One of the most interesting things we learnt in the factory was how the cucu sound is produced. It consists of two empty tubes with a lid, and when you move the tubes, the lid opens and makes the sound. So when the clock points an hour the tubes move and make sound.

After that, we went to some souvenirs shop, where we tried some funny hats and bought some souvenirs from the Black forest. Then , we went to the “Bousleis” (a kind of roller coaster, but on the real mountains. There were coaches for 1-2 persons that could be driven very fast, and could also be stopped with a handle to go more slow. In the middle of the journey there was a camera to take photos of you and your partner inside the car.The teachers bought us four tickets for each person. And we had a great time, it was amazing!!!

Later on, we ate and got into the bus again for another hour heading for the Titisee Lake where we spend around one hor time. At the lake, we saw some nice boats but we couldn´t get one of them because we weren´t 18 years old.

We went back to the bus and after a 2 hours driving we arrived at Kirchheim at 6:30p.m.
                                                                                            Ana Ruiz & Raquel Solana.

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