Oct 29, 2013

Saturday 14th September

On Saturday morning we had all breakfast at the school canteen. We ate bretzel, German bread,cheese,milk,juice,fruits… When we finished we left and spent the rest of the weekend with our German families.
That day I went with my German partner and friends to a shopping centre. Later on, we ate a hot dog and we went to wait for the train to go to Stuttgart .In the train my Spanish friends and me tried to pronounce words in German. it was very funny because our pronunciation was really bad.
When we arrived to Stuttgard we went to buy a cinema ticket. As it was soon yet, we went to Starbucks before the film. When the film finished,we returned to Kirchheim. Then Marta and Melina came to my house and stayed with me and Lissi. We were talking and laughing.
At the end of the day we had soup with something strange inside for dinner and we went to sleep.

Marta Juanicorena 3º B

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